Tripp Trapp® 成長椅全新顏色冰川綠Glacier Green💚

Tripp Trapp® High Chair in New Glacier Green Color 💚

【Tripp Trapp® High Chair in New Color - Glacier Green 💚】

Introducing the new Glacier Green color for the Tripp Trapp® High Chair! Unlock the latest spring/summer trend with this fresh hue!tripp trapp-vlagier green-colour
💚 Glacier Green, refreshingly cool!
Inspired by the unique climate of the Arctic, where an endless expanse of ice🧊 and natural landscapes create a rare snow-covered world. When sunlight shines, reflects a distinct green tone💚
glacier green-tripp trapp-high chair
The Glacier Green, combined with the natural wood grain of oak, brings a sense of brightness to your home space.
🌸This spring/summer, bring the refreshing and cool vibes of the Arctic glacier back to your home!
stokke tripp trapp-chair for life-family chair
The Tripp Trapp® High Chair is not only stylish but also practical👍🏻!
👶🏻For babies aged 0-6 months, it can be paired with the newborn set, allowing them to sit up and be part of mealtime with their parents! Enjoy quality family mealtime together🍼!
tripp trapp-newborn set-tripp trapp newborn
🧒🏻For babies aged 6 months to 3 years, it can be paired with the baby set, allowing them to enjoy their meals independently. With a comfortable seat, they can naturally eat happily 😋!
tripp trapp-babyset-tripp trapp highchair
In addition to the Tripp Trapp® High Chair, the Glacier Green color is also available for seat cushions, and Wheat Cream for you to choose 😉. With the Tripp Trapp® , the whole family can sit comfortably 🥰! Bring the glacier back home and transform it into a home decoration to create a spring/summer atmosphere!
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