JetKids™ by Stokke®

Getting ready for a family trip? JetKids BedBox™ by Stokke® can help children learn about organization and categorization while traveling, encouraging exploration and fostering a sense of responsibility. The BedBox™ is a premium ride-on children's travel companion that stands out in terms of appearance, compartment design, and practicality. This children's travel companion features a unique small bed or leg rest, allowing children to comfortably sleep or take a rest on the children's travel suitcase during long or short flights.

  • Before the adventures:

    ● JetKids BedBox™ by Stokke® is designed with sticker-friendly surfaces, allowing for personalized styles.
    ● JetKids BedBox™ by Stokke® has a spacious interior that can accommodate essential travel items.
    ● The newly added practical storage space inside the children's travel companion provides additional storage options.

  • On airplane:

    ● JetKids BedBox™ by Stokke® companion is equipped with shock-absorbing swivel wheels on the front, making it easy for children or parents to pull along.
    ● The adjustable multifunctional strap allows for easy carrying or pulling of the children's suitcase.
    ● The children's travel companion has a top handlebar for children to hold onto while ridng.
    ● The leg rest provides a resting position for children to fully relax and rest.

  • During the journey:

    ● The bed extension of the children's luggage companion is easy to
    use and suitable for seating between airplane and train seats.

    ● The universal design of the children's travel suitcase is
    compatible with most standard economy seats.

    ● The lid of the children's luggage companion can be extended,
    increasing the seating area and providing a larger resting space.

    ● The children's luggage companion is equipped with a mattress and
    soft side panels, creating a comfortable seating area.

    ● The seatbelt can be used to ensure safety, whether lying down or
    sitting upright.

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The BedBox™ + Crew BackPack™ children'sluggage bundle

Suitable for adventures of kids!

With the children's travel companion,effortlessly upgrade your child's cabin experience and embark on a dreamyjourney.

The BedBox™ premium ride-on children's travel suitcase is meticulously designed for children, catering to various needs. This sought-after multifunctional children's travel companion holds the dreams of innocence and sets off on a magical journey, becoming a sweet dreamland for children during their travels. Through the Jetkids BedBox™ children's luggage, children can learn about organization and categorization, helping them develop various interests and abilities.

The spacious carry-on size children's luggage companion allows children to ride on, pull along, or be pulled by parents. The front swivel wheels provide easy maneuverability, and the pull strap can be adjusted as needed. The practical top opening of the children's suitcase prevents items from falling out. The design of the children's luggage has been officially approved for use by multiple airlines.

Jetkids BedBox™ children's luggage becomesa great tool for fostering children's independence and self-development duringtravel. With the guidance and support of parents, it allows children to becomemore engaged in the travel process.

Children's luggage companion with rounded design

The top of the children's luggage box is designed in a saddle shape, providing a comfortable and safe seating area for children. In addition, the children's travel companion features rounded edges and corners, effectively preventing accidental scratches or cuts for children.

The front wheels are flexible universal wheels.

The flexible and 360-degree rotating universal front wheels, combined with the saddle-shaped design of the children's luggage, allow for smooth maneuvering through airport terminals, adding to the fun of the journey.

Multiple features of the Jetkids BedBox™ children's luggage

 Meet various needs of family travel
 20L large storage space
 No need to check-in, easily hand-carry children's luggage
 Made of lightweight and durable ABS material
 Front swivel wheels for smooth and wear-resistant movement
 Convenient to carry, suitable for various travel methods
 Transform the children's luggage into a bed in 5 easy steps.

  • 1.     Lightweight design of thechildren's luggage companion:

    The Jetkids BedBox™ children's travel suitcase is made of lightweight and sturdy ABS material, allowing both children and parents to easily carry and handle it. The children's luggage is designed to be lightweight and durable, making it suitable for travel and transportation.

  • 2.     Empowering children withchoices:

    Before the journey, involve children in choosing their own luggage or allowing them to personalize their children's travel companion with stickers, fostering their creativity. By providing them with choices, children can make decisions based on their preferences and needs. This involvement helps cultivate their ability to make independent choices.

  • 3. Learning organization, categorization, and tidiness:

    Encourage children to keep their children's luggage organized, teaching them how to fold clothes, organize items, and maintain cleanliness during the journey. By packing their own children's travel companion, parents can provide a checklist or guidance to help children ensure they have essential items in their children's luggage and organize them within the designated storage space of the children's travel suitcase, meeting their travel needs. This cultivates their organizational skills and sense of responsibility.

  • 4.     Children taking responsibilityfor their own luggage:

    Allow children to take responsibility for their own children's travel suitcase, letting them push or pull their luggage at the airport or train station, and guiding them to supervise their own children's luggage. This enables children to experience a sense of responsibility and learn to manage and take care of their own children's luggage and belongings.

  • 5.     Enhancing the fun of travel:

    Allow children to personalize their children's luggage, providing them with stickers or art tools to freely create and unleash their creativity on the children's travel companion, making the children's luggage a unique masterpiece. Parents can also add some surprise elements inside the children's luggage, such as small gifts, toys, or special items, to make children feel surprised and excited when they open their children's travel suitcase. The children's travel companion can make children more engaged in the travel process and serve as a joyful companion during the journey.

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FAQ - JetKids BedBox™ by Stokke®

1.     Do children's luggage complywith airline requirements?

Yes, the JetKids BedBox™ children's travel companion has been officially approved for use by multiple airlines and complies with airline requirements. However, it is still recommended to check the specific airline's regulations for children's luggage before traveling to ensure compliance.
List of airlines that accept JetKids BedBox™ children's luggage:

2.     What age range is suitable forchildren to use the children's travel companion?

There are many children's travel companions available on the market that are specifically designed for children of different age groups. Some luggage may be suitable for toddlers, while other styles are designed for young children and teenagers. The JetKids BedBox™ ride-on children's travel companion is suitable for children aged 3 to 7 and can be adjusted to different modes to accommodate children of different age ranges. The bed feature is more suitable for children aged 2 and above.

3. How to transform the JetKids BedBox™ride-on children's travel companion into a comfortable dedicated seat?

● Open: Place the children's travel companion in front of the seat,
press the buttons on both sides of the lid, and lift the lid.

● Flip: Flip the lid of the children's luggage and insert it into the
adjustment rod, adjusting the height according to the seat.

● Secure: Use the straps to secure the children's travel companion to
the seat

● Extend: Extend the bed board to create a sleeping position.

● Unfold: Unfold the dedicated mattress of the children's travel
companion to provide a comfortable sleeping area for the child.

4.     Is the children's travelcompanion durable?

The children's travel companion is made of durable materials to withstand the wear and tear of daily travel use. The versatile JetKids BedBox™ children's luggage is crafted with high-quality materials and a sturdy structure, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. The children's travel companion has a maximum weight capacity of 35 kg and is suitable for children aged 3 to 7.

5.     Does the children's travelcompanion have any additional features or designs?

JetKids BedBox™ is the first ride-on children's luggage for kids. In addition to the ride-on feature, the children's travel companion has a spacious interior that can accommodate essential travel items, and children can either pull it themselves or have their parents pull it. The children's travel companion also has a unique mattress conversion feature, providing a comfortable space for children to rest or sleep during travel. On the airplane, besides being hand-carried, the JetKids BedBox™ children's travel companion can also transform into a comfortable seat where children can rest their feet on the footrest. The design takes into consideration every detail for utmost convenience!

6.     How to use the straps of theJetKids BedBox™ children's luggage?

 Place the children's travel companion in front of the seat, press the buttons on both sides of the lid, open the box, lift the lid, and flip it over.
 Insert the lid of the children's luggage into the adjustment rod, and adjust it to the appropriate height according to the seat.
 Use the two side straps to secure the children's travel companion under the seat.
 Check if the straps of the children's travel companion are securely fastened to ensure the child's safety during the journey.