Overview of Tripp Trapp® high chair!

Tripp Trapp® - unique and lifetime design

As an important stage in the growth of newborns, high chair is crucial for their posture and spinal development. Tripp Trapp® high chair is specifically designed to provide optimal seating support for children. The recommended high chair features adjustable seat and footrest, ensuring correct posture for babies and promoting healthy growth.

Tripp Trapp® high chair recommendation can be paired with the newborn set, allowing babies to use the Tripp Trapp® bb high chair from birth up to 9 kilograms. It comes with a five-point safety harness and soft shoulder pads, ensuring the baby's safety and comfort in the high chair. Regardless of the parents' height, the angle of the newborn set on the high chair can be adjusted, making it easier for parents to take care of their babies. The adjustable angle is comfortable and ergonomic, providing support for newborns and ensuring they are at the same height as the table surface while providing foot support. When the high chair is adjusted to the proper angle, it allows for eye contact between the baby and parents, promoting the baby's integration into the family and fostering a close relationship. From 6 to 36 months, the Tripp Trapp® high chair recommendation allows the youngest member of the family to sit at the table and enjoy mealtime together. The newborn set also helps babies to safely and freely engage in activities on the bb high chair, learning proper sitting skills.

Tripp Trapp® by Stokke®

The Chair That Grows With The Child™ – A Chair For Life

Grows with the child

From the day the baby is born until they start sitting on their own, from childhood to adulthood, Tripp Trapp® grows with the child, meeting various needs from teenagers to adults and providing them with a comfortable seat.

Designed with flexibility

Tripp Trapp® recommendation features a unique adjustable footrest, allowing babies of every age to feel like they are stepping on the ground and move freely. Tripp Trapp® is designed with flexibility, allowing adjustments for seat depth, height, and footrest. This means that with proper adjustments to the bb high chair, children of any age can maintain an ergonomic sitting posture and sit comfortably.

Ergonomic design

Tripp Trapp® conforms to the natural curve of the spine, with a cleverly curved backrest that provides better support to the spine. The recommended high chair offers a comfortable seating experience, with the hands, feet, and waist all naturally positioned at ninety degrees, making the baby's sitting position even more comfortable. With the Tripp Trapp® high chair, it helps cultivate the baby's posture and elevate their sitting posture from an early age, resulting in a more outstanding temperament as they grow up.

  • Customizable chair height

    Unlike regular footrests that have limited adjustability, the Tripp Trapp® baby high chair can be adjusted to match different heights, providing great flexibility for both babies and adults.

  • Enhanced seating comfort

    The adjustable high chair prevents excessive weight on the thighs, which can impede blood circulation and cause discomfort.

  • Promoting good posture and habits

    The recommended high chair provides support for the lower legs, reducing the likelihood of dangling feet and helping to maintain a good sitting posture.

High-quality, sustainable development in high chair design

  • The design of the Tripp Trapp® high chair draws inspiration from Norway's traditional woodworking craftsmanship. The recommended high chair is made of high-quality and sustainably sourced European oak. The Tripp Trapp® baby high chair is structurally sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding children's use. Every detail is carefully designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort.

  • We understand that every child is unique, which is why the Tripp Trapp® high chair offers a wide range of color options to adapt to different home styles and preferences. You can choose the most suitable color for the bb high chair based on your child's gender, room decor, or personal taste.

  • Tripp Trapp® is not just an ordinary baby high chair; it is also a sustainable furniture choice. We are committed to using renewable materials and reducing our impact on the environment. By choosing the Tripp Trapp® high chair, you not only provide the best growing environment for your child but also actively participate in protecting the planet.

Last but not least, Tripp Trapp® is the ideal choice for your baby's health as it offers not only a comfortable and safe experience, but also adjustable features to adapt to your child's different stages of growth. Choose Tripp Trapp® to provide the best growing environment for your baby, allowing them to sit comfortably, safely, and thrive!

FAQ: Tripp Trapp® Engraving, Installation, Maintenance, Accessories & Colors:

1.     Can I have custom engraving onthe Tripp Trapp®? Are there any limitations on the style andnumber of characters? Is there any specific maintenance required for the engraved chair? Can I have the chair engraved even if it wasn't done initially?

The customization of engraving on the bb high chair has certain limitations on templates and fonts, and there are requirements for the number of characters. Please contact our customer service team for specific details. After engraving the Tripp Trapp® high chair, it can still be maintained. If the chair was not engraved previously but you now wish to have it engraved, it is possible. You would need to cover the shipping fee to send it to the warehouse, where the engraving will be done, and then it will be returned to you. Alternatively, you can bring the backrest to a designated store, have it engraved, and arrange a time to pick up the bb high chair. If you need to arrange for engraving, please contact our customer service team.

2. Tripp Trapp® does not include installation service. Can I pay for installation? Is it difficult to install it myself?

If you need to install the Tripp Trapp bb high chair, it is actually very simple and straightforward. The installation process only requires basic tools! We do not provide installation services, but to make it easier and smoother for parents to install the Tripp Trapp bb high chair, we provide an instruction manual inside the packaging, as well as installation tutorial videos. The tutorial videos not only cover the instructions in the manual but also provide additional installation tips to help you install the high chair more easily. You can refer to our high chair instruction page for more information!

3. If I encounter any issues withmy Tripp Trapp®, how should I handle it? How should I maintain the recommendedhigh chair?

If you encounter any issues after opening the packaging of your Tripp Trapp® bb high chair, there's no need to worry! You can contact our customer service team and provide the purchase receipt for the Tripp Trapp® baby high chair, the product's serial number (usually located on the bottom of the chair's legs), as well as pictures and videos of the damaged parts. Our after-sales team will assist you as soon as possible.
As for cleaning and maintaining the Tripp Trapp®, it is recommended to use a clean damp cloth to wipe it, and then dry off any excess moisture. When using a damp cloth to remove stains from the high chair, it is advisable not to use any cleaning agents or fiber cleaning cloths.

4. If I plan to get a Tripp Trapp®baby high chair, how should I choose the accessories suitable for my baby'sage?

The recommended accessories for the high chair can be chosen according to the baby's age. For newborns up to 6 months, you can choose the newborn baby high chair accessory. When the baby is learning to sit or eat independently, you can choose the Baby Set and safety harness to use with the high chair. When the child can sit steadily or climb up and down, you can remove the Baby Set and use it with the seat cushion. Finally, as the child grows older, you can remove all additional high chair accessories and adjust the seat and footplate to accompany the baby and the family throughout their life!

5. Why is there a color difference and wood grain between the recommended styles of Tripp Trapp® and what I see in stores?

Due to the manual painting process of the Tripp Trapp® each chair is unique, which may result in slight differences in color. Additionally, wood scars, wood grain, and tiger stripes are all normal characteristics of solid wood. Oak wood from nature, such as the water-based Oak used in Tripp Trapp®, may have natural wood knots and color variations. These are natural markings from nature and do not indicate any product quality issues. Please rest assured when using the high chair.