General conditions for all warranties

Duration of Manufacturer's warranty

  • Each manufacturer’s warranty lasts different durations which stated against each product, starting from the date of purchase.

Conditions for Manufacturer's warranty

  • In order to rely on this manufacturer’s warranty, proof of purchase by presenting the original, copy or photo of invoice or the print-out of online order invoice is required to evidence the first purchase and all subsequent replacements.

Products not included in the Manufacturer's warranty

  • Product that has been stored/installed incorrectly, used inappropriately, abused, misused, altered, or cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products;
  • Product has not been used in accordance with the user manual or Instructions that accompanies the product;
  • Normal wear and tear;
  • Damage caused by impacts or accidents;
  • Damages caused by external factors;
  • Display or discounted products;
  • Product without the original, copy or photo of sales invoice;
  • Products have not been purchased from authorized Hong Kong retailers.
  • The first delivery address of the product is different from the repair address;
  • Product is self-installation (Suitable for cribs);
  • Product has been disassembled and reassembled by client (Suitable for cribs).

    Warranty claims

    • The manufacturer’s warranty is not transferable in any case and can only be used by the first owner of the product. In case of claiming the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer must report any defect to the Authorized Hong Kong or Macau retailer within seven days of its discovery.

    • Some Stokke® products are eligible for an extended warranty, which extends the warranty to 3 or 7 years. You will need to provide your Stokke® product serial number and proof of purchase for successful registration. The extended warranty, as well as the regular warranty, is only valid with proof of purchase.


    • NOTE: Stokke® Nomi® Chair and Stokke® Nomi® Newborn Set manufactured before 2023 may not have a serial number sticker. If this is the case, you can still register your product for an extended warranty, but you will need to leave the serial number field blank during the registration process and retain your proof of purchase in case of future warranty claims.


    *Some Stokke® products are eligible for an extended warranty only after registration. About the registration, please check link at the end of the page.

    Tripp Trapp®
    • Tripp Trapp® Chair: wooden materials entitled to extended 7-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set: entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 

     Stokke® Nomi®

    • Nomi® Chair: wooden materials entitled to extended 7-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Nomi® Newborn Set: entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 

    Stokke® Clikk

    • Stokke® Clikk™ Chair: wooden material entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 

    Stokke®  Steps™

    • Stokke® Steps™ Chair: wooden material entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Steps™ Bouncer: entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    Stokke® Sleepi
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Mini :wooden materials entitled to extended 7-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed: wooden materials entitled to extended 7-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Extension: wooden materials entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Dresser: wooden materials entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Changer: entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Stokke® Sleepi™ Changing Table: wooden materials entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 

     Stokke® Flexi Bath®

    • Flexi Bath®: entitled to 2-years manufacturer's  warranty 
    • Flexi Bath® Stand: entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty 

    Stokke® MuTable™

    • Stokke® MuTable™/ Chair: entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty
    • Stokke® MuTable™多/ Chair V2:entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty

    JetKids™ by Stokke®

    • JetKids™ by Stokke® Bedbox/ Backpack/ Cloudsleeper entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty

    Stokke® YOYO²

    • Stokke®YOYO² Frame: entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty
    • Stokke®YOYO² Bassinet: entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty

    Stokke® Xplory®

    • Stokke®  Xplory® Carry Cot:entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty
    • Stokke®  Xplory® Stroller:entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty

     Stokke® Limas

    • Stokke® Limas entitled to  2-years manufacturer's  warranty

    Stokke® snoozi

    • Stokke®snooziwooden materials entitled to extended 3-years manufacturer's  warranty 

    *Register for entended warranty: