Stokke High chairs series

We provide a variety of premium highchairs,including Tripp Trapp®, Nomi®, Steps™, and Clikk™ high chairs. Parents may givelittle ones the best eating experience and sitting posture by selecting thesehigh chairs, which are well-known for their outstanding design, comfort, andadaptability. When looking for recommendations for baby high chairs, parentsfrequently consult our list of options, which includes models that are idealfor their kids and families.

Tripp Trapp® - unique, extremely durable & adjustable

Tripp Trapp® is distinct due to its longevity and adjustability. The lifetime high chair design makes it suitable for newborns, toddler child, adults, even elder. Tripp Trapp® 's footrest and seat can be adjusted to help the child maintain a comfortable sitting position.

Colors & Accessories

To suit diverse home styles, this recommended baby high chair is also available in a variety of colors and accessories. This provides parents the choice to pick their favorite baby chair and share joyful mealtimes with their little ones.

Wood Choices

Tripp Trapp® recommendation offers options in oak and beech wood, each providing a different texture and feelings. Combined with different colors and accessories, it allows for the customization of a unique high chair for each child. Suitable for use from infancy to adulthood, it is a baby chair style that can grow with the baby.

  • 0 - 6 months

    Tripp Trapp® with Newborn Set allows even newborn babies to enjoy this baby high chair. The Newborn Set provides a golden semi-reclined angle, allowing the baby to have a broader view while sitting in the baby chair. Additionally, the baby chair frees up the mother's hands, allowing for more interaction with the baby. The Newborn Set features a thickened five-point safety harness that is both safe and comfortable, suitable for babies from newborn to 6 months old, with a maximum weight capacity of 9kg.

  • 6 months - 3 years

    Tripp Trapp® can be used with the Baby Set + safety harness, allowing babies to join the family at the dining table and develop self-feeding skills from an early age. Tripp Trapp® promotes the development of fine motor skills in babies and enables them to interact and communicate with their parents during mealtime, enhancing their speech and social skills. Tripp Trapp® Baby Set features a 365° wrap-around safety rail that securely encloses the baby, helping them maintain a good sitting posture while using the Tripp Trapp®.

  • 3 years and above

    Tripp Trapp® helps cultivate proper sitting posture and good manners from an early age. As children start going to school, they can sit on the chair to learn and grow healthily. Tripp Trapp® allows for the removal of the seat plate and adjustable footrest height, allowing adults to sit comfortably as well.

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Nomi® - simple, modern & innovative

Nomi® high chair is also highly acclaimed for its excellent design and functionality, making it an innovative recommendation for high chairs. It was awarded the European Commission's Silver Award for Product Safety in 2019.

Nomi® high chair features a sleek and modern appearance, accompanied by design and aesthetics. In the eyes of children, it resembles a leaf, a butterfly, or a little elf, with a unique form that allows their imagination to run wild while sitting on it.

Adjustable without tools

Both the seat plate and footrest height of the baby chair are adjustable. The seat height can be adjusted from 52cm to 58cm, while the footrest can be adjusted from 9cm to 50cm. Nomi® high chair can be seamlessly adjusted according to the child's development and needs, without the need for tools, and it also features anti-tip wheels. Nomi® high chair conforms to ergonomics, providing solid support for the baby's spine and backrest, and the design of the rear chair legs with "anti-tip wheels" allows for sitting in both directions, unleashing natural movements and flexibility.

Lightweight & easy to move around

Furthermore, Nomi® high chair is lightweight and easy to move around, or conveniently hung on a table for cleaning, allowing a vacuum cleaner to pass through effortlessly. Nomi® high chair offers superior sitting support and can easily be combined with other accessories such as footrests and safety harnesses. Moreover, Nomi® high chair is made from sustainable materials and manufactured through an eco-friendly process, making it the preferred choice for environmentally conscious families.

Steps™ High chair- Versatile, elegant &simplicity.

Steps™ high chair is a versatile and adaptable option that offers an all-in-one seating solution from newborn to toddler stages. Steps™ serves as a bouncer for newborns, allowing for closer bonding between the baby and parents.

As a unique modular baby chair system, parents can customize it with accessories and tray or use it independently according to their needs, making it a perfect companion for the baby as they grow. In today's minimalist and modern home interior designs, this baby chair features a sleek and elegant design. Combined with its classic and ergonomic shape, Steps™ delivers exceptional quality and style.

  • From newborn to 6 months

    The baby chair can be used in conjunction with the Steps™ Bouncer, allowing the baby to be closer to the family and enjoy happy mealtime moments on the baby chair.

  • From 6 months onwards

    Steps™ high chair can be used with the baby set and tray, transforming into a high chair for easier feeding by parents. Steps™ high chair allows the baby to sit comfortably alongside the dining table and join the family for meals. The tray attachment has higher edges to prevent food from sliding off the sides and provides enough space for playing with toys.

  • Easy to install

    The installation of the tray attachment onto the baby chair is simple and tool-free, with a satisfying "click" sound indicating it is securely attached. Finally, Steps™ high chair is equipped with a removable five-point safety harness to ensure the baby's safety.

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Clikk™ - Eat mindfully & relaxed with Clikk™

Clikk™ baby high chair is designed specifically for mealtime and its assembly is incredibly simple - just a few steps to install the high chair without any tools. Clikk™ offers high portability and practicality, making it an ideal choice for both family travels and everyday use.

  • Eat attentively

    he ergonomic design of the Clikk™ ensures that the baby sits comfortably with knees bent at a 90-degree angle, promoting good posture from an early age. Clikk™ helps baby develop a good eating habits.

  • Relax to eat

    Clikk™ is easy to clean, with a smooth and easy-to-clean tray design that allows for effortless removal of food and stains. The tray can also be placed in the dishwasher. The safety harness of the baby chair is also easy to detach and clean.

  • Safety

    Clikk™ features a food-grade tray and it is safe for your little one, even if they bite or chew on it. It also has an adjustable five-point safety harness that ensures safety and comfort, without causing any resistance from the baby. There are no exposed additional parts, dangerous gaps, or safety hazards in the baby chair.

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FAQs about Stokke high chairs

1. How can I choose a appropriate high chair for my child?

We recommend choosing a high chair style based on your child's habits and family preferences. For families who prefer simplicity and travel-friendly options, we recommend the Clikk™ high chair. It is detachable and convenient to bring along, fitting easily into a suitcase. If you're looking for a high chair that will be a long-term companion for your child at home and can also be used by adults, we recommend the Tripp Trapp® and Nomi®. It can be used from infancy and can be adjusted with different accessories to accommodate various age ranges as your child grows.

2. Nomi® is available in oak or beech wood. How should I choose?

Nomi® features a smooth beechwood surface and offers a wide range of color choices. On the other hand, the oakwood of the baby seat has more prominent wood grain and a higher density compared to beechwood, and oakwood is more rare and precious.

3. Does the baby chair provideinstallation services? Is the installation difficult?

Stokke high chair are easy to install. You can refer to the product user manual, you can complete the installation with the necessary installation tools. While we currently do not offer installation services for baby high chairs, please feel free to contact our custojmer service for any enquiries at +852 3899 2080 (WhatsApp inquiries only).

4. With so many accessoriesavailable for baby high chairs, it can be challenging to determine which onesare suitable for your specific chair. Here's what you can do:

In addition to our range of recommended baby high chairs, we also offer a variety of accessories for purchase. We understand that choosing these accessories can be overwhelming, and parents may be unsure about which ones to get. Therefore, we have created different combinations of recommended baby high chair products, allowing you to easily see and purchase the items you need. Parents can also contact our customer service team for advice on suitable accessories.

5. Is there maintenance for high chairs? How can I register for maintenance?

We provide warranty for all high chairs. The warranty period and coverage may vary for each model of high chair, so it is best to consult our customer service team for specific details. To register for warranty, please keep the purchase receipt and product serial number of your high chair. Please visit the below link to access the registration page: