Discover The Magical Everyday with our new Disney Stokke Collection ✨

It’s been the 100th anniversary of Disney, Stokke
also participated in this celebration and launched a joint series with Mickey🥳.
Mickey Celebration is a modern take on Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse, shown in 7
poses looking for adventure and expressing different emotions. With a vibrant
color palette that complements our Tripp Trapp® trend collection, playful
confetti amplifies its joyful expression. All the little fans of Mickey must
not miss this out! Are you all ready to join this magical party together🎉✨?

Stokke® Flexi Bath®

Christmas bubble bath

Wow! How about having a bubble battle? Stokke® Flexi Bath® offers standard and XL size for you. Whether it is a little baby or a big brother/big sister, they can also participate in this interesting "fight". With the cutest Mickey patterns, it must be very fun! You have to get prepared that your children will be rushing because they all want to play with Mickey 🛁!

Start the bubble battle

Tripp Trapp®

The perfect party chair for the family

No one can imagine that a chair can be used by newborns👶🏻, older brothers and sisters👧🏻👦🏻, parents👩🏻👨🏻, and even the elderly at home👴🏻. Tripp Trapp® achieves this incredible magic. As long as equipping it with different accessories and adjust the height of the seat board and foot board, Tripp Trapp® can become everyone's exclusive chair!

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Tripp Trapp®

Let the newborns join this party!

We sincerely invite you to participate in this year’s Christmas dinner. Please don’t exclude the new family member in this party! We have also prepared chairs for them, with the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set👶🏻, starting from today, we can enjoy every meal time together👨‍👩‍👧‍👦!

Let the newborns join this party!

Tripp Trapp®

Mickey cushion collection

A comfortable dining chair must be equipped with comfortable cushions. Mickey is on Tripp Trapp® cushions to attract every child's attention. The cushions are very easy to install and clean. Even if they
accidentally get dirty while having your Christmas dinner, you don't have to worry about becoming a mess. Now, let Mickey add a dose of joy to your Christmas party🧁🍹!

Magical moment

Stokke® Nomi®

Mickey cushion for Nomi!

Stokke® Nomi® is a chair for life. It offers a playful visual design and a comfortable seat at every age​. Mickey has cast magic to Stokke® Nomi®! The combination of classic and modern is irreplaceable!

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Stokke® MuTable™

Joy to the world

We may have other little guests joining our party this year👯‍♂️! Don’t worry, we’ve got all the fun time covered!

Stokke® MuTable™ harness the power of early learning with a kid’s play table packed with endless possibilities. It includes 3 double-sided boards for hours of activities: wooden cover & blackboard, landscape board, bricks
board​. You may also accessorize your Stokke® MuTable™ with other play boards and take your child’s playtime to the next level!

Stokke® MuTable™

Inspire children’s multi-faceted potential

The Stokke® MuTable™ concept stimulates the senses, inviting children to use their imagination. Colorful, tactile play and activity boards set the scene for everyday adventures. Your little one can be a superhero, save the world, or create their own. In this party time, let’s invite your little
buddies to have fun around the Stokke® MuTable™, it’s party time!🕺🏻!

Start our Christmas time!

Stokke® Sleepi™ V3

The party is over, but the fun won’t get stopped

The party is coming to an end, are your little one exhausted? The Stokke® Sleepi™ V3 Bed with soft oval design cocoons your baby offering comfort and familiarity for restful sleep and the sweetest of dreams. Features the Mickey Celebration pattern - a cheerful Mickey Mouse design with vibrant colors & playful confetti, you get to add an extra dose of magic when sleeping!

Magical dream

JetKids™ by Stokke® V3

How to let your little one become an independent adventurer when travelingabroad 🎖️? 

Are you planning to travel abroad during Christmas time ✈️? The JetKids™ by Stokke® is the world's only ride-on suitcase for children that turns into any seat into bed. Multi-purpose adjustablestrap allows for carrying or pulling of the BedBox™. The spacious interior can accommodate travel essentials, including your christmas equipment. It is also a good chance for your little one to learn storage and classification. On theplane, the JetKids™ by Stokke® can be a hand-carry, and the thoughtful designallows you to transform it into a comfortable seat⭐! Let’s go on this journey with JetKids™ by Stokke®⛱️🏞️!

Start your trip now

JetKids™ by Stokke® CloudSleeper™

A choice for camping and house party

2021 red dot design winner - JetKids™ by Stokke® CloudSleeper™, it is convenient for both vacation or staycation! It's a travel bed made easy that's small enough to fit inside your backpack or hand luggage. Lightweight and all-inclusive, it has no loose parts.

Lightweight inflatable travel bed

Let's have fun with Mickey

Let's invite our kids to look for Mickey's footprints at home together and prepare a special gift for whoever finds them the fastest ! 🎁💝 Of course, Stokke® has more products for your to discover! From baby cribs, highchair, bath time essentials to strollers for going out!

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    Enjoy Free Shipping (Hong Kong) for purchase $599 or above! (Additional charge for outlying islands and specific products)! Just pick your gift and Stokke sleigh will brings them to you🎅🏻!

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    Wow! You can enjoy a free storage bag for purchase HK$2,999 or above! This comes to a first come, first served basis, don't miss it out🎅🏻🧡

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