Summer Heat Wave is coming

Stokke®Flexi Bath® Foldable Baby Bath

New arrival, awakening joyful innocence

Let’s take a look first!

ONE Lavender

Calm and peaceful Lavender purple

Relaxes the senses and adds a touch of
childish fun

Let your baby enjoy a fun bubble bath.

TWO Ocean Blue

Ocean blue based on the ocean

Bring a cheerful mood of summer water play

Every bath is as relaxing as a vacation

THREE Sandy Beige

Baby's little bath

of course, needs all the care and attention it can get

Soothing Sandy Beige

Make your baby's bathing experience more comfortable

  • Stokke®Flexi Bath® Foldable Baby Bath, Portable baby raising gadgets for home travelling

    Small and easy to foldable,Families with children can take it with them wherever they go

  • Refreshing Ocean blue

    With a newborn bath stand

    Safe bathing for newborns

  • Two sizes for your baby from small to large

    Extra-large baby bath can accommodate two babies at the same time.

    Practical and fun, no need to worry about bathing!

Three new colours , magnify happiness!

Stokke®Flexi Bath® Foldable Baby Bath

For a colourful and funny bath!

Choose a theme colour that suits your baby!

Enjoy every comfortable and joyful 「bubble」time !