Parent-child travelling equipment recommendation

The temperature is perfect, the sun is shining.

There's no time like the present to go on a family holiday!

Let's go and feel the vitality of life!

STOKKE has already prepared the equipment for you!

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- Explore the Unknown -

Load your dream box and set sail now!

JetKids™ BedBox™ by Stokke®

Can be ridden or pulled, multiple modes of use

Perfect for travelling

convenient to check in both by plane and train

Seat turns into a bed in seconds

Free upgrades for your baby

Comfortable even when travelling

20L of space to go with it

JetKids™ by Stokke® small backpack.

Packs the essentials for travelling

And all the amazing things you'll find along the way.

Don't forget the "Goodies for walking the kids"!
Stokke® YOYO² Stroller
For a convenient and elegant way to travel with your baby, this is the one you need!
A treasure stroller that can be boarded directly

Weighing only 6.2kg, it's compact and easyto store.

It's easy to put in the luggage rack or carry on your back.
It's easy to take your baby with you when you go out

- Open Omnipotence -

Considerate, turn on easy mode while traveling

Stokke® YOYO² Stroller

Foldable Sleeping Basket for Newborns
Not only does the baby lie comfortably
We can keep an eye on the baby at all times
Change nappies and feed baby in the stroller.

Attentive care along the way and no anxiety at all!

Coping with multiple weather changes while travelling

YOYO² accessories are ‘always ready’!

Stokke® YOYO® - parasol

Protect your baby from the sun
Protect your baby from the sun's rays

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Stokke® YOYO® cup holder

Convenient for us to take as much as we want
Drink as much as you want while travelling

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Stokke® YOYO® Board

Let you experience the joy of having two babies in one car!
Caring for two babies in one car
A sense of achievement

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