Stokke® Nomi® Collection

The chair that inspires active sitting​

The name of the Stokke®Nomi® High ChairsDerived from "Ergonomic", which means ergonomicCarrying Stokke's pursuit of ergonomics

For his son Tor
After designing the Tripp Trapp® Growth Chair
DesignerPeter Opsvik
Inspired by granddaughter Iris
Created the "comfortable" Stokke® Nomi® growth chair

  • - Ergonomically designed to provide children with a comfortable experience

  • - Suitable for the growth needs of children of all ages, including adults, who can also sit comfortably

  • -Solid structure and design provide comfortable support for children

  • - Light weight, can be hung on the desktop, suitable for use in various environments at home

  • - Height can be adjusted without any tools, convenient and flexible

Stokke® Nomi® Accessories